Voice & Data Network Cabling


SMB Communications, LLC focuses on the following core components of any business - the network wiring.

Is cheaper always better? 

When it comes to network cabling products, as a purchaser, you don't want to spend your entire budget on cabling alone, and that is understandable, but product quality is important to ensure you have a reliable infrastructure.

 SMB Communications, LLC offers tiered options to fit your budget, to ensure you get a quality product at a price that will allow for other enhancements or upgrades to your business.

Network Closets/Data Racks


 The network closet is the most overlooked room in a small business environment. The network closet typically is converted into a storage room, in which air does not properly circulate to keep the devices operating at their intended temperatures. Improperly storing materials and equipment (including janitorial) create a recipe for disaster.


SMB Communications, LLC specializes in existing data closet restoration and upgrades.  Where we clean up the existing wiring that has accumulated over the years, remove/disconnect abandoned wiring, organize the network patch cables and restore the most overlooked room in the communication backbone of your business.

Network Cable Testing/Tracing


Have a data outlet in your office that is not working and needs "activated"?

Ever wonder why the IP Phone in the conference room quit working or the wireless access point stopped working after another contractor was performing above ceiling work?

SMB Communications, LLC has the capability and experience to quickly and efficiently trace out cabling, detect damage to cabling, and certify the cabling with printed test results to ensure the issue has been fully repaired and services are restored.